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A Day in the Zone Toolbox

The self-management toolbox for increased wellbeing, productivity and happiness!

The Five Zone Tools

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A Day in the Zone

Think about those days when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. When everything just “clicks” for you and you find yourself flowing spontaneously into action without hesitation.

You were in the Zone! This is the Z-Factor that distinguishes the successful entrepreneurial artist from the pool of talented creatives striving to earn a living from their creative pursuits.


Hello, I’m Michelle Stanton, the founder of Zonehigh, the CEO of Zone Culture and the creator of the “A Day in the Zone” toolbox.

I was born to Korean parents just after the Korean War. Having been raised to be competitive and perfectionistic, the fear of failure drove me to push myself beyond my limits and I landed in a hospital bed and almost died.


This is when I first experienced the stress-free, glorious state of peaceful happiness; a state I now call, Being in the Zone.

This state lasted for only 6 months – during which I did not work. As soon as I went back to work, I dropped out of the Zone and into the Zoo. I felt stressed and pressured and my body broke down again. I was advised to give up work and I was unable to work for 8 years. During this time, I went searching for tools that I could use to step into the Zone and stay in this beautiful state.

As I discovered the Zone Tools and used them diligently, my health improved and my bowel stopped bleeding, allowing me to go back to work full time.

It has taken me more than 10 years of research and development to discover, to create, to test and to refine these 5 Zone Tools so that they can be easily and effectively used by anyone. Since then, thousands of people have successfully used these Zone tools to happily live and work in the zone.

Today, I offer these Zone Tools to you for your happiness, well-being and success!

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What is the Zone?

As Albert Schweitzer said

“Success is NOT the way to happiness.
Happiness is the way to Success”

and he was right – it’s called being in the Zone.

The Zone is the peak performance state that champion sportspeople step into when they are winning. It is the state in which musicians and artists create their masterpieces. It is also accessible by ordinary people who wish to live an extraordinary life of joy.


In this state, the body is relaxed, the mind is relatively quiet and your 5 sense awareness is heightened. It is the state where you perform at your peak without any pressure or stress.

Let me illustrate

Think back to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and bring yourself to the Swimming pool where the high dive event is taking place. The Chinese diver had just performed his final dive and unfortunately had made a mistake. This opened a tiny window of opportunity for someone else to win Gold, but only if he did a perfect dive.

Now, imagine you were Matthew Mitcham, the Australian diver, standing on the high board ready to dive your final dive. You are in Silver position with this amazing opportunity to take home gold – but only if you perform a perfect dive.
What are you thinking as you are standing there on the diving platform, waiting to do your final dive?

If you are thinking “1 billion people are watching me and I don’t want to let my country down”, “I must perform the perfect dive.” “I’ve prepared for this opportunity all of my life, I better not bungle it!”
What would happen to your body, if you are thinking those thoughts?

It would be tense wouldn’t it?

And how would you dive if your body was tense?

Not very well! May be even a belly flop?

After the dive, a reporter asked Matthew what he was thinking before he dived. Matthew said that he had done all he could to prepare for the Olympics and decided that as there was no more he could do once he had arrived in Beijing, he would just enjoy himself. So, he told himself to enjoy the dive and just dived.

The outcome was that Matthew received the highest score ever given in this event in the history of the Olympics! Matthew brought home Gold to Australia!

He was in the Zone!

Impact on success

All the competitors who had qualified to compete in the Olympics had prepared just as hard and many had the skills and talent to win. So the differentiating factor is how they were in the moment of the event.

Sports psychologists tell us that strategy – knowing what to do and how to do it is accountable for only 20% of the equation. Our state of being – being relaxed, aware and enjoying the moment while we are doing what we know to do, accounts for 80% of the success.

It is ALL about THIS moment

What I discovered is that you can only ever be in the Zone or out of the Zone in THIS moment.

You see, life happens in this moment. When is it ever NOT this moment?


Even if you wanted to experience the past, you’d need to pull up a memory and think about it… and when is this thinking taking place?


So even the past is only ever experienced NOW.

If you were fantasising about the future – for example spending time at the beach next weekend, when is this fantasy happening?


So you see, you can only experience the memory of the past, the fantasy of the future and the present, in this moment – NOW.

And how you are being in this moment, your state of being, will determine the success of your outcome in every area of your life.

How do you know you are IN the Zone?

You know you are in the Zone, because you FEEL GOOD. When you are feeling good, the world will reflect a good response.

How do you know you are OUT of the Zone?

When you are NOT feeling good in this moment, your body tenses, your mind gets busy with thoughts of past and future and you drop OUT of the Zone. Then the world reflects a not so good response.

The “In the Zone” / “Out of the Zone” poster is in the left sleeve of this folder. I recommend you put this poster up in your office or behind toilet door at home or at work to remind you to live and work in the Zone!

Happiness is usually postponed

Self-Management is the ability to manage how you FEEL in THIS MOMENT! It is your ability to be happy and remain the Zone throughout the day.

But in our modern society we have been conditioned to believe that success and life works differently!

Let me illustrate

We’ve been conditioned to believe that happiness is a by-product of achievement. Therefore, happiness is always postponed. We say “I’ll be happy when… I have finished this task, when I get that promotion, when I find my ideal partner, when I pay off my mortgage? I’ll be happy when my husband takes the garbage out!”

So, what about right now? How do you feel now? Obviously, not happy! Not happy until sometime later, after a goal has been achieved.

When we are working towards a goal, we frequently feel anxious and stressed. But most of us believe that we must sacrifice how we feel now, in order to be happy later, once the goal has been achieved. This makes achieving goals a hard slog.

And can you see how ridiculous it is to try and achieve goals by being OUT of the Zone, feeling anxious and stressed? All for the hope of happiness sometime in the future, after the goal has been achieved.

Many of us have also discovered that achieving goals does not necessarily bring us any closer to happiness, beyond a fleeting moment or two. Then another goal is set and off you go again! This stressful way of life has been promoted by most of the personal development gurus since the beginning of the last century.

What has NOT been taught is how to feel good once you have set your goals and when you are working towards achieving them.

As Albert Schweitzer said
“Success is NOT the way to happiness.
Happiness is the way to Success”
and he was right – it’s called being in the Zone.

In the Zone, the body is relaxed, the mind relatively quiet & your 5 sense awareness heightened; and you perform at your peak without any pressure or stress, and feel happy.

For you to experience “A Day in the Zone” and FEEL GOOD every day, I have created these 5 Zone tools.

The Five Zone Tools

1. Get in the Zone – Set yourself up for a fantastic day

Get in the Zone

Wake up in the morning and Get in the Zone to start your day with a smile on your face. In the Zone, the day flows effortlessly. Life feels good and you accomplish so much more.

2. Pain Free – For physical and emotional pain relief – the natural way!

Pain Free Zone

If you drop out of the Zone because you are in physical or emotional pain, use the Pain Free tool to get back into the Zone. The key to successfully dissolving pain is a relaxed body and mind. The most effective tool we have to do this is the power and quality of your ATTENTION. This tool guides you every step of the way until your pain dissolves.

3. Reality Check – How to see things as they really are!

Reality Check

If you drop out of the Zone because your thoughts disturb you, use the Reality Check tool to get back into the Zone. The Reality Check tool enables you to examine your assumptions and respond to life’s situations as they really are.
Instead of thoughtlessly believing your immediate assumptions and reacting negatively to the situation, you will be able to quickly and easily assess what is true, make the right decisions and respond appropriately.

4. Re-Energise – More Powerful than a Power Nap

If your energy drops during the day and you need a boost back into the Zone, use the Re-Energise tool. The Re-Energise tool recharges your body and refreshes your mind in minutes. Get your second wind – another 8 hours of productivity. Increase clarity, creativity and focus. Use it at your desk, parked in your car or lying on your couch.

5. Sleep Well – Relax your way to refreshing sleep

Sleep Well - Relax
At the end of the day use the Sleep Well tool to guide you into a relaxed state of body and mind which allows you to fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed. It has no side effects and is not addictive.

To start your journey into the Zone by mastering the basics of Zone training, invest in the A Day in the Zone Toolbox today.

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not delighted with the A Day in the Zone Toolbox!

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Get in the Zone

Get in the Zone

I’ve been using the Get in the Zone tool for the past 3 years and will continue to do so for the rest of my life because I can’t imagine living a day OUT of the Zone. By using the tool, my day is much smoother. I am much more emotionally resilient to any event that may happen during the day. The quality of my life in all areas has improved as a result of regularly using this tool
Robert Redmond

As a salesperson, I know the power of being in the Zone. Having used the Get in the Zone tool everyday for the past 18 months, I would not dream of leaving the house for work unless I am in the Zone. I have been known to use the tool twice in a row, on occasion, if I don’t feel that I’m in the Zone after using the tool once in the morning. Since selling in the Zone, I have surpassed all my sales targets and have won many awards.
Nicholas Border

I have been searching all my life for a methodology to feel whole, happy, fulfilled and joyful. I read all the books, did all the courses but I have found that using Get in the Zone every day was the easiest and the most effective way to feel good throughout the day, no matter what happens. It is amazing!
Eileen Stuart

I am a sprinter in track and field. What I found was that if I did the 20 minute Get in the Zone before I raced, I increased my chances of coming first. I also noticed that when I did not use the tool, I did not perform anywhere near my peak. Lesson learnt: Get in the Zone before racing!
Charlotte Baud

I was suffering from writer’s block for about 6 weeks when I was given the Get in the Zone tool. After 4 days of using the tool every day, a torrent of ideas started to flow spontaneously, and I was able to clear my in tray which was full to overflowing with copy-writing projects that I had not been able to complete.
Carol Wood

After procrastinating for many weeks and avoiding doing my personal tax, I did Get in the Zone and found myself at the computer entering my tax invoices into a spreadsheet. Not only that, I cleaned out my tool shed which I had also been avoiding for many months. The Get in the Zone tool is a great procrastination buster.
Phil Jennings

Pain Free Zone

Pain Free

“I first used these fantastic tools to help manage the pain in my hips due to Bursitis, when the cortisone injections did not work. Much to my delight, I got effective pain relief and was able to walk without limping. I also found that they worked almost instantaneously for cramps in my legs & the burns to my fingers, as well as the pain in my back”
Patricia Smythe

“When I was diagnosed with bone cancer, I found that my pain medication was only effective for a short time and I was in pain for an hour before I was allowed to take my next dose. I was introduced to the Pain Free tools and found them to be so effective that I was able to half my pain medication requirement.”
Joe Bellperio

“My best friend died of cancer leaving a young family behind. I grieved for a few days and then remembered that I had the Pain Free tools. By diving into the core of the pain, I was able to come out on the other side in a state of deep inner peace, the like of which I had never experienced before. Now that I know the power of these tools, I no longer have any fears about dying alone in pain.”
Suzanne Lee

“My 12 year old daughter had broken her arm and I took her to emergency. Whilst waiting to be attended to, I guided my daughter through the Pain Free tools which helped take the pain away. It was wonderful to be able to do something for my daughter instead of feeling helpless.”
Jack Wood

Reality Check

Reality Check

“My 12 year old daughter was very distressed because she had not received an invitation to Sara’s (her friend’s) birthday party and thought that Sara did not want to be friends any more. She listened to the Reality Check tool and then told me that she could not really know what Sara was thinking and felt better. The next day, she went to school and calmly asked Sara if she wanted her to attend her birthday party, and found out that Sara had actually sent her an invitation, which much have got lost in the mail.”
Jenny Baxton

“I had a slow couple of weeks at work because I believed that my customers would not renew their membership due to the drought. I became disheartened and de-motivated. Fortunately, a friend reminded me to do a reality check which made me realise that ‘the drought’ was only an assumption that I had made because a couple of my clients gave me this excuse! With renewed energy, I got back on the phone and exceeded my sales target for the month!”
Jay Bowman

“As I was backing out of my driveway, a taxi ran into me. I was upset for about 15 minutes then remembered to do a Reality Check, which instantly made me feel calm enough to get on with my day, feeling good.”
Sharon Cross

“I was extremely disappointed that I had not got the job I had pplied for. I had done a great interview and was certain that I was a perfect fit for it. My wife helped me do a reality check, which enabled me to let this go and enthusiastically keep looking for another job. I was offered the job of my dreams two weeks later and was so glad I did get hat previous job!”
Alex Stone



“I was working full time and doing my PhD part time, feeling quite overwhelmed. I relied on the 10 minute Re-Energise session each day to allow me to be productive for 16 hours a day seven days a week for many months. Working 112 hours a week is not recommended but, if you need to do it for a period of time, the Re-Energise tool is invaluable!”
Nick Papadakis

“After a 7 month sabbatical, I went back to work. On the first day, by lunch time, I was feeling tired and questioning if I really wanted to be there! I listened to Re-Energise for 10 minutes in my car during my lunch break and was delighted to find that without a thought in my head, I cheerfully went back to work with energy and enthusiasm. The best thing was that I still felt refreshed when I got home instead of exhausted.”
Alison Stewart

“Whenever I need a boost, I reach for my Re-Energise tool, instead of a cup of coffee or energy drink. It stops my hands from shaking and lying awake at night, from too much caffeine and saves me money too! It works a treat.”
Gary Story

“I don’t know what I would do without my Re-Energise tool. I’m a busy mum with a full time job. By Re-Energising on the bus on the way home from work, I’m able to clear my head and have the energy to pay full attention to my children and husband when I get home, If I start getting irritable on the weekends, my husband encourages me to Re-Energise!”
Jane Liew

Sleep Well - Relax

Sleep Well

“Due to the loss of one of our twin babies and the medical needs of the other, my wife and I were unable to fall asleep or sleep through the night for about 15 months. From the very first night we used the Sleep Well track, we fell asleep easily and slept through the night. The world now looks brighter and we are more able to manage our lives.”
Michael Addison

“Ever since I was 12 years old, I woke up groggy every morning. I slept through the night, but did not wake up refreshed. This difficulty continued into my forties. After two weeks of falling asleep with the Sleep Well track, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I’m so grateful to have discovered this tool after more than 30 years of poor sleep.”
Virginia Hawkins

“My children have been using the Sleep Well tool since they were 5 and 7 years old. One of the benefits of having this tool was that when they were a bit older, instead of coming out to our bedroom if they happen to awaken in the night, they would put the Sleep Well track back on for themselves to help them fall asleep.”
Nick Drummond

“I had not had an undisturbed sleep for 18 months, due to a very painful injury. After just a few days of using the Sleep Well tool together with the Pain Free tools, I started sleeping undisturbed throughout the night! What a blessing!! Having previously tried other methods of inducing sleep, Pain Free + Sleep Well has been the most effective and with no side effects. My whole life has improved!”
Anne Fountain

“I suffered from lack of sleep and consequent exhaustion for many months because I was unable to turn my mind off when I went to bed at night. I was reluctant to resort to sleeping pills as I did not want to become reliant on them. The Sleep Well tool helped calm the mind allowing me to easily drift off to sleep, waking up refreshed in the morning. By usi ng all the other tools in “A Day in the Zone” toolbox, I found that my stress levels reduced signiOica ntly and my mind became clearer during the day, increasing my productivity.”
Nicole Taylor

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